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Jun 08, 2021

Meet the Member: Norbert Bueno, Social Antidote

We sat down with Norbert to learn more about his adaptations to COVID as an artist, the formation of Social Antidote, and how he is looking into the future of music and arts in Salt Lake City.

Q: Can you describe to use the work that you do?

Norbert: I’m a music producer, and when the pandemic hit, members of the entertainment industry couldn’t perform. Social Antidote formed a year ago during this time when one of our partners, Fat Fish Media, came up with the idea to do online concerts and become a livestream platform. From there, we livestreamed about 6-7 online concerts from Fat Fish’s warehouse in SLC.

As we were doing these concerts, we saw that we were building something special. Our mission started as a way to provide a platform to local artists to showcase talents during COVID and then quickly moved the idea to installations to provide high quality experiences.. We have partnered with The Blocks, Downtown Alliance, Open Streets, and Twilight Concert Series.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the work you do?

Norbert: I love the creative process and being a part of the initial process from the ground up. I also love being able to connect different artists and put them in unexpected places. We have Done Hip Hop DJ with ballerinas at UMOCA, used old the  Urban Outfitters location and transformed into a concert venue where artists setup in the middle and everyone was around them.

Q: What is something you’re excited about that you’re working on right now?

Norbert: At Open Streets and Twilight we are introducing the cube. We are always taught to think outside of the box, but sometimes you must look in the box, observe what is working and what isn’t, and see what you have and switch it out. To display this, we are putting the artists inside the cube at installations.

Q: Has the shop impacted the way you work?

Norbert: Yes, it has allowed us to be creative. It is such a cool space, and even though they have similar layouts, every space in here has a different vibe. I never feel like I have to leave, and I don’t feel like I’m at work. I love the design and all the little details, and the ability to be versatile in where I sit;  it allows me to change my environment without leaving the environment of The Shop.

Q: Have you recently moved here, or have you lived in Salt Lake City your entire life? What do you think is Salt Lake City’s best kept secret?

Norbert: I Moved to SLC when I was 10 but I am originally from Mexico City. I think we are Salt Lake City’s best kept secret! Beyond that, I also think that it’s the subculture of music and art that has been so well established; everyone here is incredibly talented.

If you see Norbert around the space, be sure to say hello. He is a big fan of our Matthew Sketch pieces, just like us!