A Message from The Shop During COVID-19

Jun 11, 2020

Shop member & Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. MarkAlain Dery Featured in Vice

Shop member and infectious disease specialist Dr. MarkAlain Dery has been an incredible resource for our members throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Having hosted several webinars on Coronavirus and addressing all of our questions and concerns, we are incredibly grateful for his expertise and support as we continue to navigate this disease.

This week, Dr. Dery lends his expertise to Vice in a piece about the lax attitude some Americans now have towards COVID-19 safety guidelines. Dery discusses how the federal government’s failure to provide a coordinated pandemic response and issue clear safety guidelines has confused many citizens. Despite those setbacks, Dery stresses the importance of continuing to wear face masks at all times to prevent the spread of the virus. “If everyone in the world wore a face mask for 28 days, the spread of COVID-19 would halt. I can’t underscore the importance of masking enough…masks decrease viral transmission.” – Dr. Dery

We can’t thank Dr. Dery enough for his infectious disease work and the knowledge that he is able to share to prevent the spread of disease. You can read the entire Vice article here. Way to go, Dr. Dery!