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Our referral
programs make it
easy to refer
new members
and get paid

For Members

Pick your co-workers and earn rewards! Refer your contacts to The Shop SLC and enjoy the following incentives:

  • Commons Referrals: $50 for you and $50 for your referred member.
  • Private Office Referrals: Earn 5% of the first 3 months’ fees, paid upfront.
  • New Member Benefit: New members can earn up to a full month free!

Referral incentives are available as Shop account credit or Amex Gift Card.

For Brokers

Help your clients find an exceptional workspace and earn:

  • Membership Fee: 10% of the gross membership fee for the first 12 months, paid upfront.
  • Growth Bonuses: Additional bonuses for growing teams.
  • Ongoing Incentive: 2% of the gross membership fee for additional months, paid month-to-month, up to 36 months.

To qualify, the referred member must notify The Shop in writing within 30 days of the start date.