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May 25, 2021

Meet the Member: Brian Springer, Venture Validator

We got the chance to sit down with Brian Springer of Venture Validator and learn more how his new business, and some of his favorite spots in the city.

Q: Tell us a little more about the work that you do?

Brian: I help startups scale their business by consulting on marketing, fundraising, and operations strategies. I love the Utah startup scene, it is very collaborative and willing to connect.

Some startups I am working with right now are Skedgit and Life in a Knot. Skedgit gives access to people’s calendars and uses AI to match trends based on the user’s preferred meeting times. They are going live in a few days for their first fundraising round. Life in a Knot is a platform that connects people with their best fit for coaches, consultants, etc. It is like but for professional services.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about your work? What is something you are excited about that you are working on right now?

Brian: What I enjoy most is working with startups; I want to help achieve people’s dreams. I am starting my own affordable consulting company with 3 other partners, Launch To Legacy. No matter what level a business is at we want to help them. It is starting to gain traction, which has been very exciting.

Q: Has The Shop impacted the way you work?

Brian: Absolutely. I have been doing remote work for almost a full two years, and there are many different challenges that come with it. This is superior because I can work with no interruptions. Also, I am right downtown so if I need to meetup with someone, I can invite them here or walk a few blocks to meet up.

I chose The Shop because I wanted to be a part of something at the ground level where I am helping to create a community. To me, that is more valuable then plugging into an existing community. Plus, I love your roof!

Q: Are you new to Salt Lake City or have you lived here for a while? What do you think is Salt Lake’s best kept secret?

Brian: I have lived in Salt Lake City my entire life, I love it here. The food and restaurant scene is incredible. Some of my favorites are Sigfried’s Deli for German food, Curry Up Now and Kathmandu for Indian food, and Feldman’s Deli for a pastrami sandwich

Make sure to say hi to Brian next time you see him in the commons! Pick his brain about venture validator and where to make dinner reservations this Friday.