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Jun 24, 2021

Honoring Pride: An All Year Endeavor

Each June, we celebrate Pride to honor the struggles and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community. If you are not a member of the community, Pride presents its the opportunity to express your support. As we approach the end of June, it’s important we reflect, as well as celebrate, Pride and all that it encompasses. Here are some ways we can all honor pride:

Educate Yourself

Today, Pride is filled with parades, but it originally started as a protest: Stonewall Riots. Although many circumstances led up to these riots, they became the tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. One year after the anniversary of Stonewall, a parade was held to honor pride in New York City. Celebrations in cities across the country shortly followed. And the rest, well, is history!

Beyond learning about the history that made Pride what it is today, you can familiarize yourself with what the acronyms LGBTQ+ and understanding pronouns and why they matter.

Show Up!

One of the best ways you can show your support for June and beyond, is to show up! Look into local parades, fundraisers, shows, etc. in your area. Remember, pride goes beyond the month of June, so keep showing up year round.

Click here for Salt Lake City events

Click here for New Orleans events

Support Local

Another way you can show up is by supporting your local LGBTQ+ businesses.

Click here for Salt Lake City businesses

Click here for New Orleans businesses


There are many great organizations fighting for LBGTQ+ rights, and they need your help.

If you’re looking to donate, whether it is your money or time, on a national level, some places to start are the Anti-Violence Project, Human Rights Campaign, Sylvia Rivera Law ProjectGLAAD, the National LGBTQ Task ForceImmigration EqualityService & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE), the Transgender Law Center. and The Association of LGBTQ Journalists.

If you are looking at a local level, check out places here for Salt Lake City, and here for New Orleans.


Pride is a reminder each year that although there is a lot to celebrate, there is still a lot of work to be done. Acknowledging and supporting the fight for equality is a year-round endeavor, so get there and show your allyship!