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Jan 25, 2022

mtnDAO x The Shop SLC

The Shop SLC will be hosting an extra 90 faces from February 1 – 28th for the first ever mtnDAO Hacker House. People from all over the country will convene at The Shop for all things internet3, DAO, crypto, NFT and more.

In addition to coworking, mtnDAO will host a series of panels and workshops that are open to the public to bolster thought leadership in the meta verse at The Shop SLC. Mark your calendars with the dates and times below, you don’t want to miss this!

The State of Solana | February 10th | 5:00 PM

The Venture Capital Perspective | February 11th | 5:00 PM

Women in Web3 | February 16th | 5:00 PM

NFT Roundtable | February 17th | 3:30 PM

Web3 Policy v1: Regulation of Digital Assets in UT | February 17th | 5:00 PM

DeFi: Building an Open Financial System | February 18th | 3:30 PM

Web3 Policy v2: The Federal Regulatory Environment | February 18th | 5:00 PM

Building the Metaverse | February 24th | 5:00 PM

DAOs: A New Form of Human Coordination | February 25th | 5:00 PM

Stay tuned to The Shop social media for announcements on additional events, exciting panelists and more ways for you to get connected to mtnDAO.