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Dec 07, 2022

Leaving Town For the holidays? Explore Our LEXC Partners

The Shop knows that our members aren’t the type to be glued to their offices, or their cities for that matter. If you’re leaving town for the holidays – or any other time of year – remember that you can (and totally should!) utilize our partnership with the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces to find and use a space to catch up on your e-mails in major cities all across North America.

As a Shop member, you’re entitled to 5 day passes per partner site, per year. Simply contact your Community Team and we’ll link you up with your credentials to book your pass on Liquidspace.


Los Angeles – BLANKSPACE

BLANKSPACES is a coworking community of entrepreneurs and freelancers sharing space, collaborating, and networking.

Our multiple Southern California locations feature Work Café open seating, dedicated desks, private offices, virtual office mail services, meeting rooms, and event spaces available by the hour, day, week, month, or year.

As Southern California’s first and oldest coworking community since 2008, BLANKSPACES provides a personal, boutique experience for members to grow their businesses.”



Boston – WORKBAR

“At Workbar, we build quality workspaces with a focus on member wellness and productivity. Our team of experts and thought leaders ensure you have the tools and resources to be successful every step of the way.

With flexible memberships and 10 locations spread out over Greater Boston, Workbar lets you be in charge of when and where to work each day.”



New York – THE FARM

“There aren’t many places in the world where you can encompass yourself in nature while you work – especially not in Manhattan… That’s why when we discovered a century-old barn in the farmlands of Southern Missouri, we knew we had to bring it to you, right here in the heart of NYC.

We carefully transported the reclaimed wood, piece by piece, over 1000 miles and lovingly built The Farm by hand (literally our own hands). In a space like this, work doesn’t have to feel like work. Come visit us and feel for yourself.

Whether you’re looking for affordable coworking space, a shared office space in NYC or custom built serviced full floor offices, The Farm welcomes you.”




“Give your growing business the space it deserves. Independently owned and operated since 2009, Brooklyn Creative League is rooted in a commitment to community, collaboration, and mutual benefit.

Our coworking community in Clinton Hill is comprised of Brooklyn professionals, from writers to interior designers, financial planners to computer programmers. (In other words, we take an expansive view of what it means to be creative.)”



San Francisco – TRELLIS

“Join the most unique and supportive coworking space in San Francisco

Whether you’re a founder, freelancer, or running a team, Trellis has flexible options to foster your productivity and help you excel!

With six bookable meeting rooms (sanitized between uses, of course), your remote team can connect in-person as needed without the expense or complexity of an office.

Trellis helps you rest your mind for optimal productivity by way of artisanal coffee, fresh-baked pastries, and adult beverages. Our expert baristas craft alluring coffee and espresso drinks with perfectly poured latte art, all while knowing your name and “regular” order. In the afternoons, our bartenders can pour you some of the best wine and craft beers in the city.

If you are looking for a beautiful, flexible space to power out work for a day, or a new longterm HQ for your startup, Trellis has 24/7 options for private offices, dedicated desks, and open seating.

To keep you and the community safe, Trellis has over 30 health measures in place, including daily Health Check monitoring and touchless temperature taking, nanocrystal self-sanitizing wraps on high-touch surfaces, extensive air filtration, and touchless entry and transactions.”



Miami – BÜRO

“We are a young company, with a bold mission:

We want to pull entrepreneurs and freelancers out of lonely living rooms and unproductive coffee shops. We want to rescue small companies and creative agencies from soulless office spaces and executive suites. We want to bring together smart and talented people from diverse industries to form a powerful and inspiring community.

And most of all, we want to make Mondays as exciting as Fridays.

Since opening our flagship space in 2010, the Büro community has grown to include over 500 dynamic companies across 6 South Florida locations (Midtown, SoBe, MiMo, the Grove, South Miami, and Hollywood). As a Miami-based company we are proud to be part of the changing local business landscape and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.”




Downtown Works was developed by entrepreneurs committed to creating contemporary, hospitality-inspired, tech-rich work spaces that support the success of high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs.

We’re changing the way remote work is done. Our Flex+ program allows you the flexibility and ability to rotate an almost unlimited number of individuals within single or multiple offices. Collaboration at its finest.

We’re incorporating the latest enterprise-level technology to support creativity, innovation, collaboration, and networking. Unsurpassed amenities include video/podcast studio, high-tech conference rooms, outdoor workspaces, showers, mail service and more – all managed by professional community managers who care.”



Oakland – THE PORT

“We are Oakland proud and believe in having fun, working hard, being ourselves, and supporting one another. We are all about our people and continue to be blown away by the caliber of entrepreneurs who call the Port home, as well as their willingness to lend a helping hand to one another. Need an app for your new piece of hardware? Need a marketing plan to pitch your prototype? Or maybe just a friend to poke holes in your idea to help you level it up. These things happen at Port Workspaces all of the time. Lastly, we believe in Lola, our badass pirate who makes sure we never take ourselves too seriously.”



Denver – SHIFT

“Whatever you need to be productive, Shift strives to provide it. Our friendly staff keeps the coffee hot, the building spotless, the wifi blazing fast, and our wellness centers stocked with everything you might need to support your journey to the best day ever.

Our holistic approach to serving our members includes surprising our members with intentional design, to support the way you work best. Our original design aims to increase productivity and spark creativity.

We’re on a journey to prove that businesses of all sizes can do well by doing good. We’re on a journey to be leaders in doing better business; we encourage our members to join us.”





Arlington Heights, IL

Geneva, IL

Frisco, TX

Waco, TX

Alexandria, VA



San Francisco, CA



Culver City, CA

Hollywood, CA

Larchmont, CA

Long Beach, CA

Santa Monica, CA (2)



Brooklyn, NY



Miami, FL (5)

Coconut Grove, FL

Hollywood, FL



Portland, OR (3)

Lake Oswego, OR

Hood River, OR

Los Angeles, CA

Sacramento, CA



Austin, TX (4)

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (10 Locations)

Houston, TX (3)

Raleigh, NC

Wilmington, NC



Carlsbad, CA

San Diego, CA

Pacific Beach, CA



Denver, CO

Greenwood, CO



New York, NY (3)



Minneapolis, MN



Des Moines, IA (2)

Windsor Heights, IA

Cedar Falls, IA

Jefferson, IA



Toronto, ON (4)

Vancouver, BC

Montreal, QC

Ottawa, ON



Raleigh, NC (3 Locations)

Wake Forest, NC



San Juan, PR (4)



Seattle, WA (2)

Tacoma, WA



Oakland, CA (3)



Tucson, AZ



Edina, MN

Roseville, MN

Woodbury, MN



Denver, CO (2)

Littleton, CO



New Orleans, LA

Salt Lake City, UT



St. Louis, MO (3)



Alpharetta, GA

Milton, GA

Canton, GA

Columbus-Franklinton, OH

Charleston, SC



San Francisco, CA



Columbus, OH



Boston, MA (6)

Burlington, MA

Cambridge, MA

Salem, MA