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Jan 11, 2023

Member Spotlight: Blackstar Agency

It’s no secret the music scene in Salt Lake City is incredible, and members like Blackstar Agency are only helping it get better. We sat down with US General Manager, Ana Strutt, to learn more about Blackstar, their clients, and her take on the evolving music industry.


Can you describe the work that you do?

Blackstar Agency is a music focused marketing agency. We specialize in building innovative campaigns for artists including campaign management, digital marketing, social management & creative direction. 

Are there any exciting products/projects Blackstar Agency is working on right now?

We work across a range of clients including major and independent labels and artists across the US and UK. You can see some of our projects on our Instagram

How have you seen the music industry evolve over the past few years?

The landscape changes daily now, with current platforms evolving to compete with new players or they die out. It is incredibly difficult for artists to keep up. They are expected to create all sorts of content that can take them away from thier main focus which is creating music. We help support them and help take some of the work load off. 

What drew you to The Shop?

I have checked out a few co-working spaces since moving back to SLC and the atmosphere at The Shop felt really welcoming. Also, I liked that there are so many creatives in this space; I really want to be more involved and meet everyone.

Are you new to Salt Lake City or have you lived here for awhile?

I grew up here. I left after high school and moved around a lot. Previous to moving back I had spent 10 years living and working in London. I missed the mountains and missed my family so we decided to move back.

What has been your favorite place OR what place do you think is a best kept secret of Salt Lake City?

Moving back as a parent has limited my night life. I don’t think its much of a secret how wonderful our outdoor life is but I’m always amazed at how much there is to explore and how many still feel like hidden gems. 


We love having members like Ana enriching our community. You can often find Ana in our 4th floor quiet area, or tucked away in a phone booth, be sure to say hi the next time you see her around the space.