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Feb 07, 2023

Member Spotlight: S&S Presents

Throughout the years, Salt Lake City has built up an incredible music scene. One of the main drivers behind it is S&S Presents. From the Twilight Concert Series, Kilby Court Block Party, to any show at Urban Lounge, MetroKilby Court, and more, S&S Presents has brought thousands of talented artists through the city. We sat down with their Community Manager, Alisha Archibald to learn more about the industry, working for S&S, and the wildest celebrity ask she has encountered.

Can you describe the work that you do with Sartain & Saunders and how long you have worked there? 

I am the Community Manager for S&S Presents and Blue Gene’s, and I work on our festival, Kilby Block Party, managing merch and assisting with operations.

The music industry seems so fun from the outside looking in, but like any other job I’m sure it has its fair share of rough days. What is the most difficult part about working within the music industry, and how do you overcome it? 

There are a lot of different personalities you’re working with, so being able to be flexible to meet the situation is a very helpful skill. Also, there are some very long hot days during the summer, and an Arnold Palmer from Starbucks is the only solution for that problem.

You’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. What is one of the wildest items you have seen on an artist rider and who was it? 

Post Malone asked for some chip dip that was only sold in Texas/certain southeastern states, and I had our sound engineer who was flying from Austin, Texas bring some with him. King Princess asked me for a framed 8×11 photo of Cate Blanchett. Lil Dicky asked me for a bouquet of cheap flowers to give to a girl during the show. You name it, I’ve bought it for someone in the last decade.

What is your favorite part about working for S&S Presents?

I LOVE S&S, during the pandemic, I had to leave the music industry for the first time in 10 years, and as cool as tech is, it wasn’t a great fit for me. Getting to come back and do something I love with people I’ve been friends with and worked with in various capacities throughout my career has been such a gift that I really needed. S&S has given me a wonderful opportunity to work on events, my favorite thing, and to get out into the community to build relationships, also my favorite thing, all around something I love: live music.

What is your favorite part about working at The Shop? 

The Shop is so fun! I love the workspaces, and I love getting to talk to all the different members here. Everyone is so nice and I love hearing about what everyone does and what they have going on.

We heard you’re somewhat of a video game fanatic, what consoles and games are you playing in your free time?

Nintendo Switch is my jam, and Pokemon Violet is the game right now, but I started a new playthrough of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to prep myself for the new game in May!!

Lastly, what has been your favorite place or the best-kept secret of Salt Lake City? 

Obviously Blue Gene’s. Yeah yeah, it’s my job to tell people to go to Blue Gene’s, but on a personal level, I really love the space. It’s a fun spot with a lowkey vibe to hang out with friends. We do a lot of different things there from Game Nights & Trivia to Karaoke twice a week, DJs, we’ve been having food trucks post up, and my new favorite thing is watching RuPaul’s Drag Race on Friday nights with Sequoia (it’s way more fun to watch that show with a crowd, I’m telling you).