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Mar 23, 2023

How to Plan an Effective Company Offsite

The way that we work has changed. What was once a typical 40-hour work week in a dedicated commercial office space, has dramatically shifted to remote work, shorter weeks, and downsizing of space. However, the need for team connection and culture is stronger than ever before. Choosing your how, and where, your team meets is more important than ever. We’ve created a guide to hosting the most effective company offsite to get you started!


Why Company Offsites Matter

Enhance Company Culture: Nowadays, employee retention is more important than ever. Keeping employees not only stimulated in their work, but also excited to come to work every day is more than just a team lunch or ping pong table at the office. Company culture takes time to curate, and one of the main ways you can do this is by listening to your employees wants and needs, and reinforce those values together. Having offsite meetings allows for interrupted time with your team and out of their normal element for employees to connect. Additionally, offsites give employees a change of scenery and a chance to explore the surrounding area of the meeting. This gives employees the opportunities to expand their horizons, both physically and mentally. Plus, with an onsite food hall like The Local, it’s a slam dunk to take your team out to drinks or small bites after their hard day of work.

Create Optimal Environment for Focus and Productivity: We are no stranger to zoom fatigue. As we head back into more in-person events and meetings, the value of human connection shows to be more important than ever. Meetings in person allow more opportunities for brainstorming sessions, informal conversations, and relationship building.

Collaboration: One of the most challenging components of virtual work is the lack of human connection. With the ability to meet in person, comes with the ability to pick up teammate’s non-verbal cues and energy, allows space for informal conversations, tackle problem-solving head on, and provides a space for employee’s to create long-lasting relationships.


Planning on Offsite: Where to Begin

It can overwhelming knowing where to start when planning a company offsite. We’ve curated our top tips and tricks to get your company offsite started and set up for success.

Plan for the meeting before it exists: With varying work schedules, time zones, and personal lives, it is challenging to get all employees in the same place at the same time. Consider this when planning your offsite and give employees multiple dates and options to choose from to increase chances of full attendance.

Know what Tech you Need Ahead of Time: In a world of every-changing technology, it’s important to come prepared. Pack your adapters ahead of time for a smooth and seamless meeting the next day.

Plan An Agenda Ahead of Time: Showing up organized and ready to work will create a ripple effect in your team to do the same. Come prepared with an agenda, as well as included breaks, so your team can best tackle the day.

Keep it Informal: Although having an outline of the day is important, it is also important to allow conversations and ideas to flow naturally. Encouraging informal conversations around topics allows for employees to feel more comfortably opening up and sharing ideas.

Consider your meeting needs and length: Although we are embracing the return to the office, there has been a shift in the way companies work. Will you be needing breakout space? Videoconferencing services for your remote employees? A common meeting area for lunch? An extra whiteboard when the brainstorming starts flowing? Additionally, it is important to consider how many days your meeting may take. Instead of cramming information into one day, you may want to consider what it looks like to space out content over multiple days. This will allow your employees to retain information easier and be able to implement it quicker into their work days. Planning out the flow of your meeting(s) beforehand allows the team to jump right in, get to work, and enjoy being back in person.

Location, Location, Location: Where you meet matters, both in the venue and what’s around it. Think about your team’s needs ahead of time and consider venues that will be able to accommodate everything. Additionally, consider the surrounding area-parking, restaurants, coffee shops, public transit, etc. Come prepared with information to eliminate any confusion or last-minute accommodations when your team arrives onsite.

Consider meal options ahead of time: It is important to know that all your team’s dietary needs and restrictions are covered by the time lunch comes around. Look into neighboring restaurants ahead of time, or consider getting meals catered where your team members can pre-select what they’d like to eat.

Think Outside of the Box: The company offsite does not have to start and end with a meeting. Once you have your entire team together, consider different activities and ways you can promote effective collaboration and team bonding. Whether it’s axe-throwing after the meeting wraps, or creating a friendly competition while still onsite, these memories will not only create unique experiences for your team, but also help strengthen a sense of community. 

A One Stop Shop

We are designed for the way you work. With onsite concierge services, multiple sizes meeting rooms, to all the coffee you could want, we’ve got you covered. We’ve broken down our service below, and when it comes time to your meeting, we are a the one stop Shop.

Centrally Located: Located on the edge of the central business district, we are steps away from restaurants, business, and the Trax line with parking solutions nearby.

Don’t Think Twice: One of the most challenge pieces of hosting a company offsite is the planning leading up to it. With full onsite concierge services, our Community Team will handle everything from planning and logistics to meals and catering. You show up, and we’ll handle the rest.

Plan for Any Meeting, Any Size: With remote workers in other time zones to the entire team eagerly wanting to meet together, we have you covered. We have 7 different onsite conference rooms, including smaller, breakout rooms when the brainstorming sessions start flowing, that range from lounge setups to board tables to create the perfect fit for your team’s needs. With our purpose-built design, we have conference rooms next to each other on 2/3 floors, so your team can quickly pop over into the next room to complete their thoughts. Our conference rooms range from 6-30 people, with additional amenities such as  screen display, whiteboards, and videoconferencing services. No matter where in the world your team members may be, they will always be able to be seen and heard with meetings at The Shop.

All Caffeination All the Time: It’s no secret that a caffeinated team is a happy team. With our beverage kitchen add on, your team members can have unlimited access to espresso, cold brew, drip coffee, tea, and soda, all locally sourced throughout Salt Lake City and Utah.

Meals: It’s no bigger secret that a hungry team is an unfocused one. Our Community Team can handle everything from ordering, delivery, and keeping dietary restrictions in mind. With a variety of nearby options (including the newest addition of The Local across the street!) your team will remain full and focused throughout the entire meeting.

Customized Solutions: Did you know as a Shop member you get discounts and deals on conference room meetings? With customizable solutions for memberships, we can find a best fit based on your needs, making your reoccurring meetings that much more affordable.

More Than Just a Meeting Space: Did you know The Shop is also an event space? We can accommodate post-meeting happy hours, create an intimate environment for lunches and dinners, or help plan your next company networking event. We even have a rooftop to make all that possible!