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Mar 29, 2023

Art Spotlight: Fishy, Levi Jackson

Fishy, 2019 | Levi Jackson

“Lately, I’ve been thinking about the value of myths. A lie, a meaningful lie. I have been trying to understand how a legend or folktale operates, why they exist and what purpose they serve.”

Artist @levi.jackson lives and teaches photography in Utah. He uses an interdisciplinary approach to his work, combining photography and installation with nods to performance. His work revolves around the Western landscape, where he was raised, and challenges the historical perceptions by pairing it with contemporary understanding.

Photographed above, Fishy, is a 2019 piece from Jackson measuring at 44 x 35 in and a inkjet limited edition of three plus the original proof. Fishy is one of over twenty five pieces in The Shop SLC’s art collection.

The Shop, Salt Lake City’s artwork is curated to reflect the city itself – its history, spirit, landscape, and diverse artists. The Shop SLC art collection explores different art mediums and artistic styles. Each work of art has a conceptual story elevating a community inside The Shop and beyond.

The Shop’s parent company, Domain, has a long standing commitment to the arts. “Domain is committed to supporting the arts in the Salt Lake community. Part of that commitment includes working with local artists and artisans wherever possible, from unique interior and exterior artwork to furnishings and finishes.” Says Matt Schwartz, CEO of Domain Companies who has partnered with Giv Group to bring The Shop to life.  “Our support for the arts extends beyond the development itself, as our MyDomain community engagement program includes a strong emphasis on the arts. That support includes events at The Shop to highlight arts organizations, team members serving on boards and committees of local arts groups, and support for arts-related non-profit organizations.”

Each work gracing the space tells a story and those narratives are as diverse as the artists. Themes of the works include: collisions between nature and people, Navajo creation myths, ancient traditions, Manifest Destiny, intersection of nature and culture, Western landscape and the sublime, Urban mythologies, architecture and landscape as the nexus of form, symbolic narratives, climatic change, human activity and geology, idealized visions of modern/urban landscapes and idealized space.

View The Shop’s complete art brochure and guide here.