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May 22, 2023

What are Third Places and Why Does Your Company Need To Provide One?


With phrases like “third place” and “third space” buzzing around the remote and hybrid work world, we thought we’d take a minute to weigh in on them from our experience.



What is a Third Place?


Though it’s been getting attention only recently, the term was actually coined by Ray Olgenburg in his 1989 book “The Great Good Place.” A Third Place is neither work nor home, a place where you can meet people both new and familiar. Historically they’ve been places of worship, but also places like barber shops, cafes, dog parks, public libraries, breweries, and skate parks.


Why are Third Places Important?


It’s not always easy to make friends as an adult, and Third Places are a great way to do that. A Third Place is all about creating an environment where you’re free-to-be with like minded individuals that aren’t necessarily related to you personally or professionally.



What Does It Have to Do With Co-working?


The co-working model is completely aligned with the importance of a Third Place. Most importantly, the sanctity of the home space is maintained. Professionally, offices have private space for inter-company work, a private desk for all your papers and things and places where you can meet internally.

The beauty of our structure is that the Common Spaces, especially the lounge areas and kitchen, allow for socialization with like-minded individuals, people that are not part of your company, alleviating any formalities in the way you might socialize with a coworker. They’re spaces that are neither here nor there. The desks, couches, and lounge chairs won’t have your belongings weighing you down, and the chances of meeting someone new are pretty high. Programming events like Lunch and Learns, Panel Presentations bring even more connectivity and conversation.

Opportunities like these can forge strong personal and professional relationships, and studies show that this freedom to engage in organic interactions and random creativity with people outside of one’s employing company have a significant impact on one’s mental health and their ability to perform at work.


Putting Theory Into Practice


Earlier this year, we hosted the Joce Lounge with members Our Voice Nuestra Voz, a phone-free conversation lounge where different members and non-members got to bond over both meaningful and trivial topics and the ask of a random conversation card.

Events are a great way to amp up a Third Place experience. If you have a cause you think would bring people together and would like to host it at The Shop, please contact us by e-mailing