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Jun 22, 2023

Seer Beta Has Launched!

Seer, Shop SLC Member Company, has officially launched their beta! Seer is an AI powered tool that demystifies local politics. Described as a little companion with you at all times, Seer, helps you engage in local politics with more understanding and get involved in our common democracy.


“Seer is all about lowering the barrier of entry for anyone to engage in the legislative process. AI can easily explain hard to understand legislation and create transparency. We strongly believe in a better democracy when we allow citizens to be informed,” shares CEO Sunny Washington.


Designed for anyone wishing to be more engaged with the political process, Seer makes it easy to access information on local and federal legislation.


Their team believes whole heartedly that being prepared and well-informed is a critical part of success on a state level, but sifting through that information alone feels nearly impossible.


Washington continues, “Using AI, Seer processes a large amount of legislative information so we can all be informed and easily engage. We want robots to do robot work and humans to do what we do best–connect and develop relationships.”


This revolution to political understanding will support people in and impact by policy making. They summarize it best here, “Seer co-founders, S and Z, realized that state policy making was lacking clarity. Everywhere they looked at state capitals they saw horrible bill tracking processes, people spending hours reading hundreds of lines of complex text, and overall a lot of wasted time.Their goal was to create a platform that would make policy making more efficient, but also make state legislation more accessible for everyone. If laws are changing people‚Äôs lives, they have the right to know and understand them.

Seer is here to unlock the secrets of politics and make it accessible to all.

Sign up for Seer now to demystify politics now and then, while you’re at it, schedule your tour of The Shop SLC and take the first step to joining our community.