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Sep 05, 2023

Member Spotlight: Sindee Savage

Community is one of the core pillars of The Shop, and we are so happy that we’ve filled the space of member companies with aligned values. We sat down with Sindee Savage to learn more about V School’s community work, impact, and new initiatives.

1.       Can you describe the work you do for V School?

 I am the Director of Community/Partnerships at V School. V School is a vocational school that offers three programs: Web Development, UX/UI Design, and Cybersecurity. As Director of Community/Partnerships, I am constantly looking for companies/organizations/people who want to level the playing field and create access for everyone interested in breaking into the tech industry. Whether it’s through scholarships, hiring partnerships, internships, or community events/sponsorships. We see the value in helping people change their lives by helping them land a career in tech.

2.       Are there any exciting new initiatives V School is working on right now?

Right now we have partnered with an all-black women’s magazine called IMPACT Magazine, offering one full-ride scholarship to our UX/UI Design program. Alongside that, we are also offering $500K in partial scholarships for anyone of color wanting to break into tech! We know companies are wanting and searching for diverse talent Meta joined in and is providing a laptop for the full-ride scholarship winner. You can apply here and share with anyone interested!

3.       How have you seen the tech industry evolve during your time with V School?

I have been able to see the tech industry evolve since I’ve been with V School. Technology is constantly changing whether it’s blockchain, bitcoin, the metaverse, and now AI; there’s always something new poppin’ up. I think one of the great qualities V School has and shows is; we are aware of the evolving industry. We aren’t afraid to look into something new and/or even pass something up because it doesn’t align with our brand or mission. We are very fluid and flexible with change but we are also very steady in keeping things intact where they need to be.

4.       What is your favorite part about working at The Shop?

Honestly, I love the members and the community The Shop has built around Salt Lake City. It’s so much fun to come into work each day and see familiar faces but also meet new people on a regular basis! Growing and expanding my network for V School and my own personal brand has been so much fun and I have been able to create some amazing relationships and gain opportunities I know I wouldn’t have had if I wasn’t at The Shop!

5.       How has working at The Shop benefited your overall workflow?

I feel like my answer to this question could go two ways, haha! The Shop has helped my workflow in the sense of providing a community that I wouldn’t have if I was working at home. Being able to meet new people and companies has brought a lot of benefits into my workflow. Adding new partnerships or being able to pop into a neighboring company and ask for some advice or help through a process has been huge! Being able to help others around me as part of V School and even personally has enhanced my day to day in so many ways. It’s also a bit hard to get things done when I’m up against a deadline because of all of the activity here, but I wouldn’t change that for anything. 🙂

6.       Lastly, you are quite the fashion icon around The Shop. Any tips for those looking to up their co-working swagger?

Oh my goodness, I love this question! First, I am so flattered that you say that! Fashion icon! I honestly just throw clothes on each morning and hope it looks okay! I can say I don’t really follow current trends, brand names or expensive brand names. I feel like I’m pretty basic – it’s all about the accessories and add ons for me. Whether it’s some funky jewelry, colorful shoes, or a unique bag to add to my outfit, that’s really all the extra thought I put into what I wear. I would suggest wearing whatever makes you feel your best! You don’t have to spend a lot of money and mix and match what’s in your closet creates a bunch of new styles too!

We are so grateful for the opportunity to sit down and connect with Sindee Savage of V School. Stop by for a tour and trial today to get to know Sindee and the rest of our community better.