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Dec 05, 2023

Member Spotlight: Matt Wood & Co

Every Friday, a plate of fresh bagels from The Bagel Project appear on The Shop main island for all members to enjoy. This act of benevolence has coined the term, “Bagel Man” throughout the space as members trickle in  to enjoy a Friday treat. However, there is so much more to Matt Wood than being the man behind the man behind the bagels. He started MattWood & Co, a company that creates and customizes apps that other companies need. We sat down with Matt to learn more about his business, hear about challengings he is facing in an industry where AI is growing in popularity, and his pastimes outside of the office.


1. Can you describe the work you do for Matt Wood + Co?

I help big companies through what they call, “digital transformations”, which is a fancy way of saying I design and develop web apps. I studied art, and now I code.

2. Are there any exciting projects, or initiatives you are working on now?

I think companies that depend on artists would be open to paying more if the right pipes were connected, so I’m spending my free time putting my software skills to work. I’m currently building a platform for recording artists to execute sync licenses with agencies and music supervisors. I’m really excited about it. I studied music at BYU, and helped execute one of the first Beatles deals for digital media at my first big agency gig.

3. What are some of the biggest challenges you are facing your industry? How do you plan to overcome them?

Right now, the market for people like me is saturated by layoffs and AI. I don’t have a strategy to overcome that, beyond showing up each day, delivering good work and being nice to people. The bar is low.

4. What is your favorite part about working at The Shop?

Working remotely, it’s important for me to be in an atmosphere where I can be motivated by the people around me. Most of the day, I’m concerned about coworkers half way around the world. It’s really inspiring to passively observe all the events, episodes and campaigns that get materialized. Every day I show up, I feel like I’m walking into the middle of a busy beehive.

5. How has working at The Shop benefited your overall workflow?

I have a soft spot for a well-designed, reliable workspace with good coffee and good tunes. My mental health is at an all-time high.

6. Do you have a favorite place or best-kept secret of Salt Lake City / Utah?

My favorite place is with Ableton, an expensive microphone, and my guitars. I make music at