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Dec 19, 2023

Member Spotlight: Black Koles

Among the many highlights of our Shop Community are the individuals dedicated to their life’s work. Black Koles Creative Agency exemplifies this ethos. Their team, deeply passionate about the outdoors, has curated a comprehensive suite of marketing, strategy, and content services, showcasing endeavors ranging from conservation to fly fishing and action sports. We had the pleasure of speaking with Black Koles to explore their services, notable projects, and discover how Roux, their dog, might be the ultimate beneficiary of The Shop.


1.  For those who don’t know, what is Black Koles? Can you describe the work you all do?Black Koles is a full-service creative agency helping individuals and brands achieve their goals through strategy, marketing and content solutions. Our holistic approach to content as an extension of brand and marketing strategy separates us from other agencies. We’re not just marketers, and we’re not just content creators. We’re a one-stop shop that strategically leverages visual communications to grow your brand. Black Koles’s marketing capabilities include: • Branding, Marketing & Content Audit• Competition Analysis• Content Marketing Strategy• Strategic Consulting• Brand Identity• Digital Ecosystem Management• Organic Social Media Management• Email Marketing• CRM Management & Automation• Influencer / Ambassador Marketing• Affiliate / Partnership Marketing• Digital Advertising• Paid Social & Paid Search• Merch & Apparel Development• Search Engine OptimizationBlack Kole’s production capabilities include: 

• Creative Direction
• Concept / Story Development
• Photography
• Cinematography
• Field / Studio
• Photo Retouching
• Post-Production
• Color Correction
• Sound Mix & Master
• Motion Graphics / Animation

Our passions and most of our client brands live in the outdoor industry, with most of our work taking place in the winter sports and hook-and-bullet spaces. In recent years, we’ve branched out into more commercial work in e-commerce, alcohol, cycling, regenerative agriculture and beyond. We have a team of 8 full-time employees, with our primary hub being Salt Lake City. Our clients include Patagonia, Yakima, Shopify, Arbor Snowboards, Protekt Products, Force Of Nature Meats, Volcom, The James Brand, and many others. 2.  Is there a particular past project that you are extremely proud of?We recently put out our first film for Patagonia films, TOM. It can be viewed on all Delta Airlines flights as is also available on Patagonia’s YouTube at the following link.3.  Are there any exciting projects, or initiatives you all are working on now?We’ve recently signed on with Force of Nature meats to execute their content strategy and creation for 2024. We look forward to sharing some of that new work shortly! 4.  Can you tell us your favorite part about working at The Shop?Sean’s dog, Roux, loves seeing all of your smiling faces every day! Its also nice to have a central location to meet up and collaborate with the team. We defrinitely have seen an increase in productivity, collaboration and accountability since transitioning from a fully remote work environment.  5.  Lastly, do you have a favorite place or best-kept secret of Salt Lake City / Utah?

Tosh’s ramen for the best ramen in town, in our humble opinion.