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Mar 30, 2024

Rocky Mountain Innocence Center, New MyCommunity Partner!

We are delighted to share some exciting news with our Shop SLC community – we have a new addition to our MyCommunity program! Please join us in welcoming the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center (RMIC) as our newest partner in our ongoing commitment to social justice and community engagement.

The Rocky Mountain Innocence Center is a vital force for justice in our region, serving Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming as the affiliate of the renowned Innocence Network. Their mission is clear: to provide pro bono post-conviction innocence investigation and litigation services to individuals who have been wrongfully convicted.

Every month, RMIC receives between 15 to 25 requests for assistance, each representing a life impacted by a miscarriage of justice. The dedicated team at RMIC meticulously evaluates each case, conducting thorough investigations to uncover any evidence of innocence previously overlooked. This process is not swift – it can take years, even decades, to uncover the truth and secure justice for those wrongfully convicted.

When new evidence of innocence is unearthed, RMIC and their collaborating attorneys embark on the challenging journey of proving factual innocence. Their efforts have led to the expungement of wrongful convictions, providing exonerees with the chance to rebuild their lives and seek compensation for the injustices they endured.

Beyond their legal advocacy, RMIC is committed to raising awareness about the systemic issues contributing to wrongful convictions. They engage with a wide range of stakeholders, including law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys, policymakers, and the public, to advocate for meaningful reforms in the criminal justice system.

Additionally, RMIC works closely with legislators and policy advocates to enact legislative changes aimed at addressing the root causes of wrongful convictions. By advocating for systemic reforms, they strive to create a fairer and more equitable justice system for all.

We are honored to partner with the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center in their noble pursuit of justice and systemic change. Through our MyCommunity program, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting organizations that make a tangible difference in our community. RMIC joins the ranks of Spy Hop, Equality Utah, Wasatch Community Gardens, the Ronald McDonald House and the Utah Food Bank.

Join us in welcoming RMIC to the Shop SLC community, and let us continue to work together towards a more just and compassionate society.