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Support for Displaced Members

The Shop Salt Lake City

We are here to help.

With the news of the closure offices in Salt Lake City, we extend our hand to offer support, understanding, and a welcoming space.

Our Doors Are Open

At The Shop, our commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive community is unwavering. To ease the transition, we are opening our doors, inviting you to share our dynamic workspace and vibrant community. We believe in the power of collaboration and understand the importance of having a place that feels like home.

Flexible Interim Spaces

We understand the urgency of finding a new workspace, and we’re here to help. The Shop Workspace is offering interim access to our open common area to accommodate your immediate needs. Our team is ready to assist you in settling in, ensuring a seamless transition as you continue your work journey. Book free day passes using code SUPPORT here to get started. Need private space? Contact the Community Team to get taken care of.

Flexibility First

Recognizing the unexpected nature of this situation, we want to alleviate any financial concerns. We are extending the option to delay deposit due dates for displaced coworking users who choose to make The Shop their new workspace and the option to get creative with your budget or find custom solutions. Your comfort and peace of mind are our top priorities.

A Seamless Transition Awaits

Transitioning from one workspace to another can be challenging, but it can also be an opportunity for new beginnings. The Shop Workspace invites you to explore a collaborative, supportive, and flexible environment that empowers you to thrive.

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