Aug 01, 2017

Partnership Spotlight: The Idea Village

The Shop is now home to The Idea Village! We are thrilled to partner with such an influential organization and want you to know what they’re all about.

The Idea Village is a nonprofit dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship, and new thinking. The organization has established itself as a globally-recognized leader in developing place-based entrepreneurial ecosystems. Thanks in part to their efforts, New Orleans is now in the top 10% of best cities to start a business in the country (WalletHub), with startup activity 64% higher than the national average (The Data Center). New Orleans been called America’s #1 Biggest Brain Magnet (Forbes) and 1 of the 20 Hottest Startup Hubs in America (The Kauffman Foundation).

The Idea Village is committed to sustaining the local entrepreneurial movement by providing direct services to entrepreneurs, engaging the community, and supporting initiatives that leverage entrepreneurship to catalyze change. We’re thrilled for them to continue their mission at The Shop.

Additionally, The Idea Village produces the annual New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, headquartered right here in the Contemporary Arts Center, which brings together some of the biggest names and companies in the New Orleans community. They have helped thousands of entrepreneurs get their dreams off the ground.

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