A Message from The Shop During COVID-19

Apr 09, 2020

Quick Thinking Saves New Orleans Restaurant Workers During COVID-19

A big congratulations are in order for Shop members, Emery Whalen and Brian Landry of QED Hospitality. Their team worked around the clock for the last few weeks brainstorming as to how they could still support their restaurant employees and their families when they were forced by COVID-19 to temporarily close their New Orleans restaurant, Jack Rose. Their quick thinking led them to create a new venture in a completely new industry, Telehealth. QED Resources, the name of the new venture, has already successfully re-employed over 100 restaurant staff. Their servers are still “serving,” just in a new way by helping convert non-emergency in-patient doctors’ appointments to phone calls and video calls. Way to go QED Hospitality for positively contributing to New Orleans and our region!

Learn more about how QED Hospitality pivoted to the healthcare industry here. Got an inspirational story or news? Email us to share.