A Message from The Shop During COVID-19

Apr 30, 2020

Wedding Planner Sapphire Events Creates New Business Plan: Minimal Matrimony

Couples that were scheduled to get married in spring and early summer this year have all had to shuffle their plans or postpone their wedding dates due to COVID-19. There are many couples who still want to get married during quarantine and that is where event planner Valerie Gernhauser, CEO of Shop member company Sapphire Events, took the opportunity to pivot her wedding planning business.

While Valerie and her team diligently worked through the rescheduling and adjustments of all their clients, one couple wanted to move forward with their April wedding date. The Sapphire Events team made it happen by transforming the wedding into a smaller event and accommodating less than 10 people. This served as the creation of a new business plan for Sapphire Events and micro weddings: Minimal Matrimony.

Kudos to Valerie and her team at Sapphire Events for their commitment to the needs and happiness of their clients.

“Because bigger is not always better,” reads their new Instagram profile. Be sure to keep up with Sapphire Events @sapphireevents.