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Jan 29, 2021

Ways to Give Yourself Space in 2021

The ball has dropped, the confetti has been thrown in the air, and the much-anticipated moment many of us has been waiting for has arrived: 2021. As many New Years, it is a new chapter filled with possibilities, and the month of the word ‘resolution’. However, unlike many New Years, we are turning the page away from a difficult year filled with loss. Due to this, it is important we remain open and kind to ourselves as we begin our transitions back into routines. Here are some ways you can give yourself that space in 2021: 

A New Years Practice  

New Year’s often feels like a reset, a way to try something new, or make a promise to yourself. We often see this in the form of resolutions. However, as wonderful as it is to tune inward and want to improve yourself, resolutions can cause as much anxiety as they do joy. The constant reminder in your head that if you skip this workout, do not read that chapter, continue to watch that show, that you are failing your resolution, and in turn, failing yourself. Although written over a year ago, Kayti Christen’s article, Why I’m Resolving to Not Make Any New Year’s Resolutions in 2020, is a great example of this. She states that “Resolutions say, on December 31, I am one person, and on January 1, I’m somebody else (and somebody ‘better’).” That is why this year we are proposing a New Year’s Practice, because just as you are practicing anything, you are giving yourself the room to make errors, try again, and be okay with that. Last year was extremely tough on many of us, so remember to be kind to yourself, set your practices, and give yourself the space to take a few steps forward, and sometimes a few steps back.  

A Mental Break  

Just as it is important to set practices for yourself, it is just as important to remember to take breaks. Carolyn Kylstra, editor in chief of SELF magazine, hosts podcast ‘Checking In’. In the episode ‘End the Doom Scroll’, Carolyn hears from reader, Alexa, who has a career in social media and finds a hard time, especially working from home, detaching from it. This episode then delves into the impact social media can have, the constant need to feel productive, and the importance of taking mental breaks (even if they feel unproductive). This past year, work from home has made it difficult to separate our workday from our personal day, which has led to burnout in many of workers. As this trend continues in 2021, it is important to remember to give yourself the space to take breaks. In a culture that thrives, and profits, on productivity, we feel as though we may not be contributing, or being useful, if we spend our time on ‘unproductive activities’, i.e., that favorite reality TV show or those funny YouTube videos. However, this podcast speaks to the importance of these activities, as they bring us joy and allow us to take a break (as long as they are done in moderation). Too much of anything can be destructive (hence the doom scroll) but taking moments of the day to dedicate to activities that make you feel good, whether that be cooking, reading, or yes, even watching that 5th cute cat video, can help give us moments of relaxation and relief from our day-to-day. So, remember, as important as your work is, so is your chance at play, and giving yourself the space to make that time will be valuable to your well-being. You can listen to the podcast in full here 

 A Chance to Take Control 

As 2020 unraveled, it felt less and less possible to be able to take control of what was happening around us. However, there are some things in our routine in which we can reflect, reassess, and take back. As stated above, as work from home continues into 2021, it has become increasingly difficult to separate our work life from our personal one. The Muse’s article, Work-From-Home Burnout Is Real- Here’s How to Recover, may just be the much-needed advice we have been searching for. In this article, they state to look at the things you can control (your movement, your sleep, and your meals) and set the appropriate boundaries. However this may look to you: a walk around the block, your favorite dinner to look forward, and shutting down at a certain time in the evening, you are your most valuable asset and it is important you take the time to recharge your own battery. The article also states to “set aside time for the things they enjoy” (circling back to those cat videos). As we enter a new working year, we encourage you all to take the space you need to remove yourselves, reset, and recharge.  

The Gift of Space  

Lastly, if you are ready to get out of the house and back into the office, give yourself that space you deserve, and rent out office space with us! We are now pre-leasing and would love to see you work with us this coming year as we open. Please reach out to for any questions or inquiries.  

With new transitions, 2021 brings in a hopeful year to us all. However, we know it is still a difficult time for many, and as the year continues, and maybe even hands us back some of those things we have missed so much, remember to be kind to yourself in the process. Give yourself the patience, time, and space you need, and deserve, to tackle on the New Year and make it your best one yet. From The Shop Workspace in Salt Lake City, we wish you a Happy New Year, and we hope to see you around the office!