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Sep 07, 2021

Member Spotlight: Justin Brunson

We sat down with our Commons Member,  Justin Brunson, to learn more the work he’s been doing with the Center of Medical Innovation (both at the University of Utah and their Korea campuses).

Q: Tell me more about the work you do

J: I work for the Center for Medical Innovation. CMU is a part of the University of Utah and fosters the development of new medical technologies. If students, faculty, or staff have a new idea for medical device or software they can come to use and we can create it. We also work with Second Heart Assist, they use our wetlab space for their development

I serve as a conduit between the U of U and our South Korea campus for the different ideas and day to day operations. I connect the appropriate teams (engineers, business, etc.) to help bring those ideas to life.

Something I’d like to highlight: We did a project for COVID in which we were approached by the hospital to help with the PPE shortage. We realized the standard protection for clinicians is a paper (portable air purifying respirator), but they were in high demand so it was impossible to procure the industry standard. So, we procured our own to help out the local hospitals. I was in the office more during that time while everyone was working from home, and it felt great to be playing a role to help the front line.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

J: I enjoy being part of the process of supporting projects that are having a positive impact in healthcare. Knowing the work that we’re helping facilitate is having an impact on people all around the world is meaningful.

Q: Has the Shop impacted the way that you work?

J: Yes, it’s a great environment that fosters collaboration and great ambiance to put my head down and get work done. Working with Korea’s campus, time change can be difficult to find work life balance; however, The Shop has helped me find a space to do work and work on that balance.  And I get to bring my French bulldog, Don!

Q: Have you lived in Salt Lake for awhile or are you new here? What do you think is SLC’s best kept secret

J: I’m from Cedar City, I moved up to Salt Lake in 2012. All the best kept secrets aren’t secrets anymore, ha! If I had to pick, I would say Bountiful Ridge Golf Course, it’s a great and quiet public course and doesn’t get super crowded!

It’s wonderful having members like Justin Brunson who are working to make an impact in the healthcare innovation field. Justin likes to hang out in the booths on our 3rd floor commons. Come say hi to him and his dog, Don, next time you’re in the space!