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Nov 02, 2021

Member Spotlight: Timothy Leary

With rapid population and job growth, the Utah housing market has been ranked as the nation’s #1 housing market for the strongest pace of job growth. Tim Leary not only knows this, is also on the ground running to help Utahans find their forever homes. We sat down with Tim to learn more on his thoughts regarding Utah real estate, and where to find the best taco in Salt Lake City.


Q: Can you tell us more about the work that you do?

T: Utah Life Real Estate Group is a residential real estate firm helping individuals and corporations purchase real estate in the state of Utah (and soon beyond). I am the District Manager and work on heading up the Utah team in buying and selling homes.


Q: What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

T: The best part as a team leader is watching young individuals show up at a high level to achieve their goals and create whatever type of life they want. It’s amazing to see individuals come into our world and see their lives change right before our eyes.


Q: As the Salt Lake Real Estate booms, how do you see the future of Salt Lake City in home ownership?

T: The future of SLC and the Real Estate Boom is REAL. I think that within the next 10 years the skyline will look completely different. We see a lot of people come to Utah, and have on record the least amount of people leaving our state. Our economy is amazing, the state is wonderful, and I only see the real estate market in Utah continuing to rise.


Q: Who is your favorite type of buyer to sell to? What’s it like when you sell someone their first apartment or home?

T:  A young person, or a first time home buyer (family). It means a lot to me to help younger individuals build wealth through investing in real estate. On the other end, there is also nothing more satisfying than helping a family put their OWN roof over their heads!


Q: How did you find The Shop? Has The Shop impacted the way that you work?

T:We found The Shop online and within 5 minutes of the walk through we knew this is where we wanted to be. This space creates a unique workplace where you integrate with other careers and professions on a daily basis. It makes coming to work far more entertaining and enjoyable. The Shop has impacted me in all of the best ways and has created an unique and amazing place to call our office.


Q: What do you think the best kept secret of Salt Lake City is?

T: A little Taco Stand on State Street and 800 S called “Tacos Don Rafa.” This is by far the best street taco in town, and everyone should go and support them!


We love having organizations on the cutting edge in our space. Tim and his team are often found brainstorming in the 4th floor commons. Go upstairs and say hi, or take a break and join him for a taco!