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Nov 04, 2021

The Perks of Team Volunteering

The Engagement Problem

As 2021 comes to a close, all the excitement of the Holidays and a fresh start come rushing in with it. After almost two years of a global pandemic and constant conversations of the ‘Great Resignation’ – it is more important than ever to focus on team culture and employee engagement.

Companies of all sizes from start-up to Fortune 500, have tried a lot of different solutions throughout the years to bolster team building like free lunch, trophy office space and unlimited PTO.  While those strategies certainly have their place in the modern workplace, one comes to mind that is often overlooked—team volunteering.

It is common for the holidays to fuel individual’s philanthropic fires. Clothing drives, toy shopping for children in need and picking up a shift at the food bank all become more common place in Q4. So, why not capture that incredible feeling with your coworkers and direct reports?

A Simple Solution and its Perks


It is rare for you to want to forget a time when you did something nice for another person. Volunteering and serving together provides a memorable experience that ties a happy feeling to spending time with your colleagues and improving the livelihoods of the members in your own community.

Getting out of the office and spending time together, often helps bring walls down that otherwise may have been up so members of a team can get to know each other in a new way. This valuable practice has an uncanny ability to create insight into one another lives in a meaningful way and strengthen relationships.

Long-lasting Benefits

Have you ever experienced a Helper’s High? This humorous term is often associated with the boost of serotonin and other ‘happy’ chemicals in your brain that occurs when you’ve completed a selfless act. Because of this, employees will find a familiar sense of purpose and associate it with their time at work. Truly invaluable!

Putting Time Where Your Mouth Is

These days, it is common practice for companies to demonstrate a strong sense of social responsibility. These commitments range from reducing their environmental impact to improving the neighbors they exist in. So, encouraging and facilitating volunteerism amongst their employees is a surefire way to put their time where their commitments are and build their brand.

Employee Retention

Because all of the above work together to boost one of the most important things to a company’s success – employee retention. Working together in service opportunities can tackle some of the most common reasons why people quit. Improving relationships with peers and leaders, an opportunity to use a unique skill set, bolstering company culture and more, easily vend off feelings of isolation, being stuck and not believing in your company’s goals. In a world in which Gallup indicates that disengaged employees cost the United States between $483 and $605 billion, companies can’t afford to skip this vital step.

Local Opportunities

Ready to get started? Take a look at the opportunities below and start giving back today:

Salt Lake City

Equality Utah
Green Urban Lunchbox
Utah Food Bank
Ronald McDonald House
Odyssey House
Wild Utah Project


Green Light NOLA
Innocence Project NOLA
Nolavate Black
Odyssey House
Ronald McDonald House
The Roots of Music
Second Harvest Food Bank
Dress for Success

National Options

Volunteers of America

Feeding America

American Red Cross

Worried you won’t be able to get the team together all at once? No problem! Starting small with something like an onsite clothing, food or toy drive is a way to empower everyone to engage on their own time. Happy volunteering!