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May 23, 2022

The Black Success Center at The Shop

We are proud to announce that The Shop SLC is the official home of Utah’s Black Success Center. An extension of existing members of The Utah Black Chamber, the center is an economic development hub for Utah’s Black community.

With a mission to serve as the largest education platform providing financial readiness, business development and leadership training to Black professionals and entrepreneurs, the Black Success Center is profoundly impacting diversity, equity, and inclusion in Utah.

With programming starting in the second quarter of this year, The Black Success Center has a litany of partners within the greater Utah community including New Pattern and The Mill Entrepreneurship Center at Salt Lake Community College. Efforts of the center strives to effectively and sustainably stimulate both growth and prosperity. 

Per The Black Success Center, a summary of what their programming includes is listed below:

Everyday Entrepreneurs Program: A 10-week training program that focuses on coaching entrepreneurs on all facets of creating and building a new small business. The program also offers entrepreneurs access to vital capital. 

Incubator Space: In partnership with Goldman Sachs and Small Business Development Centers, incubator space is available to Black entrepreneurs in three areas throughout Utah including at the Black Success Center in Salt Lake City. Up to ten small-businesses are welcomed each year. Business owner’s salaries are covered while in the program to ensure their focus can remain on their business.

Leadership Pathways Program: This semester-based program in partnership with Western Governors University matches students with mentors in mid-level to senior positions in their professions. The program is 16 weeks long and culminates with a certificate of completion from mentors as well as a $5,000 scholarship to begin an MBA program at Western Governors University. 

Internship and Mentorship Program: This six-week internship program for 12 Black interns connects students in need to mentors that will support their professional growth. The Utah Black Chamber is partnering with Black student unions at the University of Utah, BYU, Weber State, Granite School District, and other local institutions.

Programming of the Black Success Center powered by the UAACC Charitable Foundation, 501(c)3. We look forward to this partnership and can’t wait to see what is accomplished.