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Jun 01, 2022

Member Spotlight: Mark Pugsley

Mark is setting out to redefine the term whistleblower as we know it. We sat down with him to learn more about his new firm and get recommendations for the best bite in SLC.

Can you describe the work that you do? 

I am a whistleblower lawyer. Our firm has offices in Salt Lake City and Boston, and we are one of only two highly-specialized law firms in the country that represent IRS and SEC Whistleblowers exclusively.  Previously, I was a partner at the law firm of Ray Quinney & Nebeker for 23 years.

Can you describe what a whistleblower case is?

We represent people who have knowledge of previously unknown financial fraud, Ponzi schemes or tax fraud who want to bring that information to the government (primarily the SEC, the CFTC and the IRS) confidentially.  In most cases, our clients remain anonymous for their safety and to protect their careers.  You can learn more about what we do on our website.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do? 

Stopping illegal conduct.  I have been working on securities disputes, Ponzi schemes and financial fraud cases my whole career.  I enjoy educating people about this problem and working with the government to stop fraud schemes and stop people from losing their retirement money in the process.

Has The Shop impacted the way that you work?

Yes, I have enjoyed the community here and the social aspect of The Shop.  I also like being able to bike to work!

How has the landscape for a lawyer in your specific field from the time you started until now?

I have always handled securities disputes, but the whistleblower programs we work under are fairly new.  The SEC’s Whistleblower program was started 10 years ago and since that time the SEC has awarded approximately $1.2 billion to 249 individuals.  This program motivated me to start filing these cases back in 2012, and eventually changed my whole practice.

What do you think the best kept secret of Salt Lake City/Utah is? 

I am a big foodie, and love to try all the new restaurants in town.  My current favorites are two little chef-owned places, ARLO and Oquirrh, but please don’t go there.

It’s wonderful having members like Mark work in the space to make an impact in protecting the financial security of others. Mark is often found up on our 4th floor, quiet floor, or enjoying our rooftop. Come say hi to him the next time you are in the space!