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Jun 06, 2022

The Crucial Thing Missing From Your Work Day 

So you know the benefits felt as a result of a fresh cup of local coffee, a second screen for that gnarly spreadsheet you’re working through and your favorite morning newsletter. But, what is the one thing most of us miss out almost daily at work? Sunshine. Studies show that working outside for just thirty minutes each day has a ripple effect of positive benefits:


The presence of nature in our working environments has shown to increase happiness while reducing stress. In fact, studies have proven that higher exposure to natural elements lead to greater satisfaction amongst employees. Bringing plants in to the office (try our favorites at Cactus & Tropicals or Orchid Dynasty) are an easy first step to boosting the biophilia! Take your sad desk lunch to a happy one with a quick trip up to the roof, dine al fresco and experience the perks today.

Health and Wellness 

Besides the perks that a walk around the block can do for you from a caloric perspective, leaving your laptop at your desk and taking a call on the go outside has other benefits to reap as well. Research has shown us that extended stints at work in front of computers and LED Screens leads to a 23% increase in retina cell death. Taking regular breaks (and reducing intake of blue light) can help preserve your eyes in our screen filled world. Further, individuals who dedicate time each day to enjoying the sunshine have been proven to show reduced signs of stress and anxiety. 

Energy Boosts

Taking your next standup outside has been scientifically proven to boost your own vitality! Take a breath of fresh air or walk around the block for 20 minutes to enjoy the same boost as your morning cup of coffee (or Diet Coke). Additionally, moving your body regularly leads to more sleep on average and overall reduced cortisol levels in individuals of all ages. Pop some time on your work calendar tomorrow morning to stretch your legs and feel the difference! 

Stronger Teams 

A study from the Journal of Environmental Psychology shows a direct correlation between being in nature and pro-sociality. Prosocial behaviors lead to actions and choices made in the best interest of helping others. This person first mode of thinking leads to stronger bonds and happier employees. Not to mention, according to the same study – that outside time boosts your propensity to trust others! Truly a win, win, win scenario for your work culture. 

Boosted Memory and Problem Solving 

When you step out of the board room and into nature for work meetings, you literally step outside of the box. Walk and talk meetings outside of the office can boost creative problem-solving skills by 60%. Every email, text and meeting invite sent taps into your prefrontal cortex and reduces cognitive resources. Being in nature replenishes those attention circuits and leads to a boost in creativity. In addition to the incredible benefits it has for your creative side, memory also gets a jolt from increased Vitamin D. 

See you soon on The Shop Rooftop! Book your tour of the space and start coworking outside today.