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Jun 24, 2022

6 Tips for Coworking With Your Dog

Raise your hand if you know someone who got a new puppy during the pandemic…us too! Lucky for them, The Shop Workspace is pet friendly. We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips for coworking with your dog. As the return to the office progresses, bringing your dog with you has a litany of proven benefits including lower stress levels, higher retention levels, fewer absences and more.

1. Start off on the right paw 

We always recommend bringing your furry coworker in to The Shop for the first time during off hours. Let them get their MIS (most important smells) in with less distractions. Then, when coming during regular business hours for the first time – touch base with the community team so we can be familiar with your pup too!

2. Pack your work bag, then pack your dogs

Just like you need your laptop and charger, your pet will need some essentials for a day at the office. A bowl for water, treats and a couple of toys go a long way when acclimating your pooch to a new environment. Rumor has it that the The Shop Front Desk always has a stash of dog treats on hand, you’ll just have to find out for yourself!

3. Leashes in common spaces are a must 

When tucked away in your office, a leash is optional – but when in the open common spaces, leashes are required. This ensures safety for your pet and your coworkers! 

4. Make sure your pup is ready 

Is your dog up to date on vaccines? Do they have a personality that allows them to hang out with you even during back to back Zoom meetings? Answering these questions for yourself and your dog up for success is a key component of coworking with your dog to work with you. 

5. Take regular breaks 

Walking around The Shop and surrounding city blocks throughout the day will ensure your dog gets enough exercise and breaks from the office for the day. Plus, getting out in the sunshine has proven health benefits for you! 

6. Have fun!

Bringing your dog to work can make a huge difference in how you go about your day. Be patient with the adjustment and be ready to stay flexible while you’re at it!

We can’t wait to meet your furry coworker, tell them we say bark bark woof woof — they will know what it means. To book your own tour of your dog’s new workspace – contact the Community Team in SLC and NOLA.