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Aug 17, 2022

Celebrating National Non-Profit Day

Our favorite part about The Shop is the members that are doing their life’s work. This National Non-Profit Day, we celebrate some of these members. Below is a highlight of our members, as well as our MyCommunity program, and how you can best support each.


3 Strands Global Foundation

Mission: A world FREE from human trafficking.

Help Right Now:  Donate! Take the online trainings at under what can you do, and

Ongoing Help : Volunteer and help raise awareness to prevent human trafficking at


The Nature Conservancy 

Mission: A global environmental nonprofit working to create a world where people and nature can thrive.

Help Right Now:  Donate! Volunteer with TNC! Go to and head to get involved

Ongoing Help : Get outside, practice leave no trace, and visit the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve, protected by TNC

*Nature Conservency helped to pass the Inflation Reduction Act. The bill includes around $370 billion in clean energy and climate investments over the next 10 years.*


Baskerville Institute 

Mission: To actively promote friendship between Americans and Iranians.

Help Right Now:  Donate!

Ongoing Help : Sign up for a Fall webinar program on



Mission: To be a resource for families with black girls ages 5 to 14 years old. We hold quarterly events and group mentoring to educate, empower, and encourage them to be their best selves.

Help Right Now:  Donate!

Ongoing Help : Follow Curlymeslc on IG and FB to see what they are doing in the community and Volunteer through


The Utah Black Chamber 

Mission: Ensure that all black businesses are included in this site and connected to both new customers and the applicable resources that ensure their success.

Help Right Now:  Donate! Fill out a form to get your business or someone you know added to the website on

Ongoing Help : Support Black Owned Business in the community and promote on your social media

The Black Success Center 

Mission: Serve as the largest educational platform providing financial readiness, business development, and leadership training to black professionals and entrepreneurs.

Help Right Now:  Donate! Buy your tickets for evening in Harlem, all proceeds go to the programming in the Black Success Center

Ongoing Help : Support Black Owned Business in the community and promote on your social media


Equality Utah (Shop Member & MyCommunity Partner)

Mission: To secure equal rights and protections for LGBTQ Utahns and their families.

Help Right Now: Donate! There is a vote coming up for the Respect for Marriage Act. We encourage everyone to email your reps (Senator Lee and/or Senator Romney) and let them know to vote FOR the act.

Ongoing Help : Snag tickets for the 2022 Allies Gala at or sign up to volunteer at Shop Members get a discount!


The Green Urban Lunchbox (MyCommunity Partner)

Mission: To empower our community members, provide access to those in need, and give everyone an opportunity to grow and eat quality food

Help Right Now: Donate! Request a harvest to have GLUB redistribute fruit from your own trees

Ongoing Help : Join the Garden Apprenticeship and help cultivate community gardens for a season at


SpyHop (MyCommunity Partner)

Mission: Mentor young people in the digital media arts to help them find their voice, tell their stories, and be empowered to affect positive change in their lives, their communities, and the world.

Help Right Now: Donate money or technology! 100% of SpyHop programs are free

Ongoing Help : In the entertainment industry? Volunteer to teach classes and review student work!


Our members are what define The Shop. We are thrilled to be surrounded by so many companies working towards enhancing our communities.