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Mar 13, 2023

Small Business Spotlight: Embrogo

Company swag is a necessity for most, but how do we shift from minimum orders of thousands stress balls and pens to something more meaningful? We sat down with Quinell ‘Q’ Dixon to learn more about his journey toward making more accessible, cool and lasting swag for all through his small business Embrogo.

What is embrogo?
Embrogo is a small batch embroidery boutique, catered to small businesses and individuals looking for embroidery customization without the overwhelm of minimum order quantities

How did you get into embroidery?
I got into embroidery out of sheer necessity. I was looking for ways to make extra money and a woman blessed me with a machine and said this could potentially make you some extra money, so I dove in.

Embrogo Van

What has your path to entrepreneurship looked like?
My entrepreneurial path has been much like others I’m sure. Ups, downs, saying things like “I quit, I’m done” but there has been a burning in me that wont allow me to give it up. Six years of sticking to it, it has now become very beneficial for my life and my family!

How have you adapted your business to accommodate growth?
I believe the market tells you how to grow. Our client base were predominantly “one off customers” and we have seen that our biggest growth is now coming from small business clients. Doing more embroidery for one client raises the average order value up quite a bit which in return brings in more revenue to the business.

What is your favorite memory of the early days of Embrogo?
Best memory has to be in my first 7 months. I was asked to bring my small machine to the beach in San Diego (where we are from) and do work on the beach. Back then I thought it was bizarre to request such a thing because I had never seen it, but that experience made us who we are today, a mobile on the spot embroidery experience and business.

Q Dixon

Of all the orders you’ve ever done, what are your top three?
1. Popping up in hood river not expecting to get any work and got a 48pc order on the spot
2. Popping up at thread wallets in provo
3. Popping up at the beach in San Diego and did beach orders.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs just starting out?
Whatever it is that you are believing for, its not too far fetched and very possible. The only thing in the way of whats possible is the doubts you tell your own mind and the energy towards that you can achieve what you are setting out to achieve. I’m prime example. Who was I to think that I would be driving all around the country in a sprinter van with my family embroidering hats, giving my family experiences, and doing that full time? I had to make up in my mind that this was possible, and when you don’t accept doubt as an option, you can do wondrous things. Allow yourself to dive into something that seems bizarre, amazing things can come from it!

How can people best support Embrogo?
Embrogo is a small husband and wife team. For us to create, grow and succeed we need the backing of other small businesses that could benefit from our products and services. The call to action would be to put us in front of small businesses that need 1-50pcs of custom embroidered apparel and merchandise for themselves and their employees. We come to them, they don’t even have to leave their offices or places of work!

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Custom Embroidery Hat