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Apr 10, 2023

Sustainability in Coworking: How to Reuse

This week, we are turning our focus to all things that you can reuse. If you took a look around your office today, how many items would be single-use? A large amount of things we purchase day in and day out are designed to be used once and disposed of. Grocery bags, plastic water bottles, plastic ware, coffee cups and more are just the tip of the iceberg.

Finding ways to reuse is easier in the office than you think! To help makes things easy, we’ve listed out a handful of ideas to get you started —

  • Similar to refusing unnecessary swag items last week, make sure if you do say yes to a new piece of company swag – that you use it to it’s fullest!
  • When possible, invest in refillable pencils and expo markers. Bonus points for rechargeable batteries for tech accessories.
  • If printing, opt for double sided when possible. It is a snap to set-up in Ezeep, just ask the Community Team for help.
  • Bring your lunch in your favorite reusable Tupperware and opt for our onsite silverware instead of plastic ware. Cloth napkins are another easy way to go the extra mile!
  • Be sure to break down your cardboard boxes and reuse them when you can.

Outside of the office, reusing can take on even more forms. Due to an overarching culture of disposability, it often feels easier to toss something that is broken rather than take the time to repair to reuse. Our community is full of organizations dedicated to helping you learn how to repair things that are broken to give them a new life. Check out the Bicycle Collective or the county library’s digital resources to learn how to repair on your own!

This week, we challenge you to find five things in your life that can be reused in a new way. From harvesting old paper clips to cutting up that old t-shirt for new cleaning rags – you’ve got this!