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Apr 07, 2023

National Beer Day at The Shop Workspace

Spring is in full swing in SLC and NOLA for this year’s National Beer Day! We’re celebrating with a cheers to our members and some of our favorite local beers.

In SLC, members had the option to sample beer from some of our favorite breweries like Fisher, Wasatch, Squatters, Kiitos and Templin Family. In NOLA, members are able to head straight to the kitchen for a cold glass of beer from Urban South. We caught up with members from both of our Community Teams to get the inside scoop on the best place to grab a beer in their city (and their favorite cheap beer just for fun).

New Orleans

Irene Bolds-Hatten

Best Spot: Urban South! I like their Cucumber Lime Goose, we even have it on tap right now at The Shop CAC.
Best Cheap Option: Lol no, I’m bougie when it comes to beer

Hugh Breckenridge

Best Spot: I always recommend the Tchoup Yard Patio Bar. They serve theirs in frozen schooners, so good! Brewery Saint X also just opened up nearby and they will have 1oo unique brews within the year – definitely worth checking out.
Best Cheap Option: If I’m going cheap I stick with Yuengling Black & Tan.

Salt Lake City

Jennifer Davidson

Best Spot: Fisher Brewing! They have the best vibe and the rotating food trucks always keep it interesting
Best Cheap Option: This might a red flag, but I usually reach for an IPA or a sour. If anyone has cheap recs for that, send them my way!

Mike Brewer

Best Spot: Red Rock Brewery is my favorite spot in SLC! Their Elphino is a classic for a reason.
Best Cheap Option: Nothing beats an ice cold Modelo – always down for one.

Anne Olsen

Best Spot: I’m a huge fan of Beer Bar, there is something for everyone on their menu. I really love sitting on their patios and admiring all the bar dogs that make their way in.
Best Cheap Option: You can never go wrong with a Coors Banquet! Something about that gold can just reminds me of cold beer on a hot summer day.