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Apr 25, 2023

Should You Get an Office Stipend?

The Rise of The Office Stipend

The last three years have turn the office as we know it upside. To improve retention and support hybrid work solutions, more and more companies are turning to a new hiring perk – office stipends. A set amount of money given each month, an office stipend has become an increasingly popular way to entice top tier talent in a tight labor market.

Stipends range in value based off physical location and company size. They are an easy way to ensure that your employees have the ability to work the way they want and do their best work. We’ve compiled a short list of reasons negotiating an office stipend should be high on your list.


Stipends and Productivity

It is no secret that when you’re in a space designed for productivity, that your productivity increases. Comfortable, well-equipped workspaces help you focus on the work at hand instead of the awful music your neighbor is blasting. Or that last load of laundry!

Increased Satisfaction in the Office

All employees want to feel valued by their employers and office stipends make that a snap. When companies invest in quality coworking spaces in locations that are convenient to the individual, it improves employee confidence and overall satisfaction. Commutes are for the birds!

Improved Employee Retention

Employees who are happy and satisfied with their office are going to want to come back to it. Companies who offer office stipends see higher retention rates! Reduce the day to day minutiae with a space that is designed with productivity in mind. Free coffee and fast Wi-Fi certainly doesn’t hurt either!

Health and Wellness Boost

Studies show that individuals with a commute (even a short one) to the office burn more calories per day on average than those who strictly work from home. More steps combined with other benefits like office chairs designed with ergonomics in mind keep employees happy and healthy!

Flexibility in the Workplace

With hybrid work models on the rise, office stipends are a crucial way to ensure flexibility for employees. When office space is taken care of, employees are sure to have the tools they require to work effectively from home and other remote locations.


So do you need an office stipend? Absolutely. Office stipends are an easy offering that yield some high returns. Make sure your company is investing in you and be sure to ask for this revolutionary perk in your next offer letter (or review)!