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May 01, 2023

The Five Biggest Coworking Misconceptions

The Biggest Coworking Misconceptions

Coworking is nothing new. Dating back to the European hacker spaces of the 1990s, coworking office spaces spiked in popularity starting in 2006. Starting then, the amount of available desk space in coworking has practically doubled each year despite socioeconomic barriers. Despite all of this growth, there are still many coworking misconceptions and we’re here to debunk them!

Coworking is for Tech Startups

Social representations of coworking are full of boot strapping startups sharing coffee and unlimited cereal bars in neon clad offices. However, in practice this coworking misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. The Shop SLC community is full of a wide variety of companies that span multiple industries and stages of company growth. Where else could you have a Y Combinator grad next door to the state’s premiere LGBTQ+ Nonprofit Organization and the people in charge of some of our favorite concert series?

It is Just an Office, What is the Big Deal?

If your coworking experience was just an office, they weren’t doing it right. Coworking spaces are designed to foster collaboration, creativity and most importantly – community. Full event calendars, rich amenities and a community team dedicated to opening doors – a coworking experience will always be above and beyond a simple office with a desk inside.

It is Too Trendy

With record breaking growth with no sign of slowing, the data makes it clear that coworking is far from just a trend. Flex office spaces are a viable and sustainable method of providing a multitude of benefits to individuals and teams.

Coworking is Expensive

With hyper flexible terms and the ability to rent as you grow, this coworking misconception couldn’t be further from the truth! As Class A Commercial rents rise, coworking remains a turnkey solution for companies staying ahead of the curve. With one fixed monthly fee, shared amenities/resources and furnished spaces, start up costs are all but erased for teams in coworking spaces. Plus, with snacks, networking events, professional development opportunities, free beverages, and more – variable costs melt away without compromising employee experience.

Only Freelancers Cowork

Similar to tech, the coworking misconception of it only being a good fit for freelancers is far from accurate. The Shop SLC is designed to be a good fit for teams of one to fifty with ease! With a wide range of offerings for monthly memberships, it is far from your typical coffee shop turned office space!

Stop by for a tour of The Shop SLC today to debunk your own coworking misconceptions with our world class community team!