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Mar 03, 2024

The Vibrant Club: Small Business Spotlight

We sat down with local founder Kendall Williams to discover the vibrant world of The Vibrant Club, where creativity meets comfort in the realm of women’s loungewear and bespoke merchandise for small businesses. In this exclusive Q&A session, we delve into the entrepreneurial spirit behind The Vibrant Club and uncover the inspirations, challenges, and memorable moments that have shaped this unique venture.

What is The Vibrant Club?
The Vibrant Club creates women’s loungewear and custom merchandise for small businesses.

How did you get into making swag?
Running my own marketing company, I’ve always wanted a simple shirt with my logo, but couldn’t find one anywhere! That frustration sparked a fun idea: why not create vibrant loungewear? It’s become my go-to outlet for creativity!

What has your path to entrepreneurship looked like?
In 2022, I launched my marketing company fueled by a passion to support small businesses and drive meaningful change. Then, in 2023, the idea to create loungewear struck me, and from there, it blossomed. Starting with one design, I couldn’t help but keep the creativity flowing!

How have you adapted your business to accommodate growth?
Every day, I’m on the lookout for ways to make things better for my customers. Whether it’s dreaming up new products, staying in the loop with the latest trends, or just fine-tuning how I run things, I’m all about keeping things smooth and easy for my awesome customers.

What is your favorite memory so far related to The Vibrant Club?
Hands down, my top two memories are receiving my very first order and setting up shop at my first market! Nothing beats the feeling of seeing all your hard work pay off as a business owner.

Of all the orders you’ve done, what are your top three?
1. I designed and produced shirts as part of a fundraising initiative for Amara’s Light, a nonprofit organization I founded to provide support for individuals coping with infant and pregnancy loss.
2. Crafting merchandise for The Shop was an absolute joy! (Editor’s Note: We are obsessed with our custom pieces!) 
3. I personalized a unique sweatsuit for a friend’s birthday, and it’s become her favorite go-to attire!

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs starting out?
Be okay with failing. It’s not easy, you will make mistakes and fail – but there are lessons in every failure. Keep going!

How can people best support you?
You can place a custom order using the custom orders page on our site or you can order loungewear from our online shop! (P.S. Shop Members, ask the Community Team for an exclusive discount code!)

Make sure to swing by The Shop SLC next Tuesday, March 12th from 10:00am – 5:00pm for an exclusive pop-up with Kendall and The Vibrant Club.