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Mar 04, 2024

Member Spotlight: Amanda LeMatty

Meet Amanda LeMatty, who is working at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Currently working as a contributor at the Center for Medical Innovation at the University of Utah, Amanda is passionate about revolutionizing healthcare practices.  We sat down with Amanda to learn about her passion for the industry, the cutting-edge projects she’s currently working on, and her favorite Shop events.

1.  Can you describe the work you do for the Center for Medical Innovation?

I work with both the engineering team and the Bench to Bedside team at the CMI! Our engineering team develops innovative solutions to healthcare’s most pressing challenges, and we help clinicians, faculty, and other innovators bring their ideas to life. I also lead the Bench to Bedside program, a healthcare innovation competition for students in Utah. We teach students about the medical device development process from ideation to commercialization and award the most successful teams with milestone funding at our competition night in April.

2. What is the one thing about your job that makes you clock in every day?

I’m passionate about the mission of the CMI – we’re here to discover innovations to make healthcare better. Whether it’s our own devices or helping others develop their ideas, it’s gratifying to be part of an organization focused on improving people’s lives.

3.  Are there any exciting products/projects you are working on right now?

I’m currently developing a maternal health device to reduce complications from c-sections. Many women who have c-sections have adhesions from the surgery, which can cause pain and infertility. The goal of my device is to prevent these adhesions from ever forming, improving the quality of life for women following the procedure.

4.  What is your favorite part about working at The Shop?

I love the atmosphere of the Shop! The third-floor area is cozy and inviting, and it’s fun to meet so many others using the space (including the amazing Shop staff). The wine tastings are pretty great too 😊

5. How has working at The Shop benefited your overall workflow?

Moving into the Shop has been great for my productivity! I love using the different spaces in the building – the phone booths are great for Zoom meetings, the third-floor booths are nice for quick collaboration, and the meeting rooms work perfectly for our larger team meetings.

6.  Do you have a favorite place or best-kept secret of Salt Lake City / Utah?

It’s not really a secret of Salt Lake, but I love Stoneground Kitchen! Their gnocchi and focaccino are absolutely amazing!