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Mar 19, 2024

Member Spotlight: Kenza Enright

We sat down with Commons Member Kenza Enright to learn more about the cutting-edge work of Rocket Science Health and her experiences with coworking. From pushing boundaries in product development to fostering a vibrant community, read on to learn how Kenza Enright is helping Rocket Science Health at The Shop SLC.

Tell us more about Rocket Science Health, what do you all do?
I work for a small 12-person company called Rocket Science Health based out of the Pacific Northwest (Victoria, BC and Seattle, WA). We are a small medical device startup company developing innovative nasal drug delivery devices, specifically for drugs that need to be delivered to the upper most part of the nasal cavity to facilitate enhanced exposure to the brain. I remotely manage two teams of product development engineers and help drive partnership strategy — as we only develop the devices, but we work with academic partners and pharmaceutical companies to deliver their specific drug formulations to patients.

What is your favorite part about the work that you do?
My favorite part about my work is continuously learning about what it takes to build a successful company through both our successes and our failures. I love getting to push the boundaries in terms of developing products that don’t currently exist and the challenge of doing so in a highly regulated industry. All of this is made possible by having some incredibly smart, creative and motivated team members who I get to visit often (I travel a lot for work).

How has being a member of The Shop Workspace impacted your work and creativity?
Being a member of the Shop enables me to have a workplace I look forward to spending time at. I am more focused and productive. It’s created a clearer line between home life and work life — which all people who have ever worked from their basement can appreciate!

Do you have a memorable moment from your time at The Shop you could share?
I had the pleasure of meeting the mayoral candidates shortly after moving to Salt Lake when the Shop hosted a panel for them. That was a defining moment for me simply because I found it so awesome that this particular community I had stumbled upon had that level of commitment to its locality and nurturing a vision for the future of Salt Lake, especially so individuals and their businesses can thrive.

What’s your favorite thing about the community at The Shop Workspace?
I love how everyone at the Shop is engaged in a diversity of work — from software engineering to freelance photography, to medical device innovation and even the Mayor’s office. We have people working in many different industries including many organizations deeply involved in our local community. What an amazing place to learn about what the possibilities are in life! I also love our monthly wine tasting events, of course.

Any advice for someone considering coworking spaces? I’ve been coworking for over half of my professional career and it’s been a wonderful opportunity to expand my professional network, learn about other industries, and get involved in the local community through events. It enables you to have “coworkers” without the work drama and the spaces are inspiring places to be in and of themselves. Come check it out, or if you’re already here, I’d love to meet you!

Make sure to say hi to Kenza Enright next time you see her around The Shop SLC! Ready to join our growing community? Book a tour and trial here.