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Mar 21, 2024

Member Spotlight: Mike Metzger

We sat down with Commons Member, Mike Metzger to learn more about his company LifePoint Financial Design. Join us as we dive into the world of financial planning, entrepreneurship and, of course, The Shop SLC.

What is LifePoint Financial Design?

Lifepoint Financial Design is a comprehensive financial planning firm designed for millennial business owners. For established business owners, implementing complex financial and tax strategies at the right timing can make the difference between being financially independent at an early age or working much longer than preferred. I help our clients with wealth creation, both in the business and personally, mitigating taxes, and setting up a plan for a work-optional lifestyle. Life is not a straight line, it ebbs and flows constantly, and my relationship with business owners is ongoing to adjust course as needed. Deciding which entity structure makes the most sense for their stage of business?, how can I benefit personally from my business? how can I put the most amount of money away for the future?, how can I legally reduce our tax burden?, are we on track to be able to retire early and travel?; these are all questions that I answer for clients and devise a financial plan that’s customized to their personal situation.

How did you get into finance?

I’ve always been interested in finance from an early age. I was the guy in college who had fun putting together 5-year cash flow projections and modeling out future business profits. It was during that time that I began investing in the stock market with the little money I had. It was a natural fit that, post-college, I took a job at a financial planning firm and later stepped out and took on that entrepreneurial risk by starting my own financial planning business! As a millennial business owner, I know first-hand the financial challenges and needs of growing businesses. As a business owner, we wear a lot of hats, and life is constantly bringing forth new financial challenges and obstacles.

What is your favorite thing to work on finance wise?

My favorite part of working in finance is tackling complexity. I find great satisfaction in assisting millennial business owners navigate the intricate landscape of their ever-evolving financial circumstances. By piecing together tailored strategies that align with their unique situations, I empower them to envision a future where they are not chained to their work indefinitely. Instead, I help them create a roadmap toward early retirement, enabling them to savor the fruits of their labor and enjoy life’s precious moments with the people that matter most.

How has working at The Shop benefitted your workflow?

What’s great about The Shop is that I can alter my environment to fit my work schedule. If I need to have a deep focus on a detailed situation, I can grab a more isolated booth or sit up on the 4th floor where it’s quieter. If I have a packed day of meetings, I can use the phone booths or book a conference room. Some days are lighter and being around people socializing is what I’m in the mood for, so then I’ll grab a sit on the 3rd floor open desks. All of it can be tailored to my daily workflow needs! If you see me around The Shop, please feel free to stop and chat, or connect with me on Instagram @_MikeMetzger or my website.

What is your favorite part about The Shop?

The latte machine, special events, and the staff! It makes a workday feel that much more fun!

Do you have a favorite spot and/or best-kept Salt Lake City secret?
It’s not necessarily a secret, but Hall Pass in the Gateway. I have a 2-year-old boy and there aren’t many kid-friendly fun places to go, but Hall Pass is and before Jazz basketball games they have a live DJ. Plenty of space for him to run around and play while Mom and Dad can still have a great time too!

Make sure to keep an eye out for Mike Metzger around The Shop SLC and say hello. Want another way to learn more from Mike? Stay tuned to The Shop Workspace blog where he will be our newest guest posted on all things finance!

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