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Mar 22, 2024

Shop SLC Pupdate: Kirby

🐾 In celebration of National Puppy Day, we’re kicking off a special spotlight series featuring our favorite four-legged members! First up, meet Kirby – a pup with a tale as unique as her name. From a spontaneous renaming to her adorable quirks at The Shop Workspace, Kirby’s story is one you won’t want to miss. Find out how she brightens our days, her favorite office perks, and why she’s earned the title of Chief Pet Officer. Dive into our Q&A to discover the charm of Kirby and her paw-some adventures at The Shop! 🐶✨


1. What’s your pup’s name, and is there a story behind it?

Her name is Kirby and the story behind her name is that my Partner Lexi originally named her Phoebe but felt like that didn’t fit her personality within the first few days so she pivoted and changed it to Kirby because she liked that name better. People often think she’s named after the pink Nintendo character but that isn’t actually the case.


2. What’s their favorite thing about The Shop Workspace? 

Kirby loves getting pets from people passing by. We usually try to find a booth so she can lay next to me and is so excited every morning to come to work with me.


3. Any funny or quirky habits they’ve developed while coworking with you?

Kirby likes to rest her head on my lap while I work. This isn’t unique to the co-working space though. She loves to cuddle


4. Describe your pup’s ideal workday at The Shop. 

Kirby’s ideal workday would be to come to the office and get some pets from Anne, Jennifer and Mike. She would then love a treat from one of them and it would be ideal if every person that walked past her throughout the day gave her endless attention and pets.


5. If your dog had a job title at The Shop, what would it be? 

CPO – Chief Pet Officer – This job ensures that pets are always allocated to Kirby


Stop by and be sure to give The Shop SLC‘s Chief Pet Officer some pets and a treat. Ready to join the community yourself? Book a tour and trial here.