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Mar 26, 2024

Member Spotlight: Christy Huggins

We sat down with Christy Huggins, Equality Utah‘s Director of Operations to learn more about her and the work she does daily for our LGBTQ+ community. Read on for details on her favorite things about The Shop SLC, the date of the 2024 Allies Gala (👀) and more.


1. Can you please describe the work you do for Equality Utah? 

As the Director of Operations, I create and execute organizational structure and human resource functions for Equality Utah. These include creating job descriptions, hiring, coaching and developing staff, analyzing data, documenting projects and programs, and helping plan and execute events.

2. What is the one thing about your job that makes you clock in every date? 

The people I work with and the community we serve.

3. Are there any exciting products/projects you are working on right now? 

We’re already planning our 2024 Allies Gala (October 5th! Save the Date!!!) It is an incredible event. Also, we are heading into PRIDE season, which is a busy and fun time.

4. What is your favorite part about working at The Shop? 

The Coffee!!! I love the option of coffee, espresso, and cold brew. It is the thing I miss the most when I work from home.

5. How has working at The Shop benefited your overall workflow? 

There are a lot of different spaces to work from. If I need a break from the office, there are many other places to work for a change of scene, which helps me stay focused.

6. Do you have a favorite place or best-kept secret of Salt Lake City or Utah to share?

I don’t think I have a favorite, but I like grabbing a small plate and cocktails at Franklin Ave after work with friends. The food, drinks, and ambiance are really lovely.


Be sure to say hi to Christy Huggins next time you’re both grabbing a fresh cup of coffee in the kitchen!


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