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Apr 15, 2022

365 Days at The Shop SLC

On April 19th, 2021, The Shop SLC opened our doors to our first ever member. The furniture was in, the art was hung and the coffee was as fresh as possible (just like our certificate of occupancy). The team onsite had spent the months leading up to the day ordering, organizing and community building to build the foundation of Salt Lake City’s newest coworking space. 

In the 365 days since, we have filled that space with a community of individuals across industries that have one thing in common – they are doing their life’s work. Over 375 members representing 100 different companies have walked through our doors to return to work. 

Those members have together supported local every day by consuming 352.5lbs of drip coffee beans from Salt Lake Roasting Company, 230lbs of custom espresso beans from King’s Peak Coffee Roasters, 395 gallons of Daily Rise cold brew and 2,000 cups of Tea Zaanti. For every $10 spent in our marketplace, $1.50 was cycled back into our local economy through Utah based makers like Han’s Kombucha, Normal and more. 

When the sun allowed, members and staff made their way up to the roof for sunsets. Between views of the mountains and the city, we’ve seen cranes come and go as they work to add more details to the Salt Lake City skyline. As the days grew colder, members explored new corners of our three different floors. While finding their favorite spot, they took in more than forty different works of art and vintage pieces shopped from local favorites like Tomorrow House and The Green Ant. 

We opened The Shop SLC doors to over 75 different external groups of conference room bookings as they navigated their return to work. Bringing brainstorming out of Zoom and into the board room never felt so good! In the interest of knowledge spillovers and next-level networking, we hosted over 150 events ranging from a DIY Margarita bar at a member happy hour to LGBTQ+ movie marathons. Lucky for us Rebel House at The Shop opened just in time for us to keep pushing our New Year’s resolutions too!

In addition to regular coworking operations, we have hosted over fifteen film crews, a Hacker House comprised of 100+ individuals from all over the globe and more concerts in our space than we could have ever predicted. We have leveled up our knowledge bases on crypto, NFTs, venture funding and the finishing touches of construction. We ventured out into our city to treat strangers to free coffee from Buzzed, table at the SLC Twilight Series, enjoy the Open Streets and network our hearts out. 

Through our MyCommunity program, we have donated over $10,000 to our local nonprofit partners. In addition to those funds, we donated over 1000 pounds of food to the Utah Food Bank (in partnership with our neighbors at Avia and Mya), volunteered with Green Urban Lunchbox to save 1,500 pounds of apples, made over 200 sack lunches for The Road Home and more than fifty valentines for our local seniors. 

From the bright and early mornings to the later than planned nights, we have been constantly in awe of the amazing community that has taken shape at The Shop SLC before our eyes. We can’t wait to see what happens next! 

Want to be a part of it? Email us today to book your own private tour of the space. We are so excited to meet you!