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Dec 13, 2022

Member Spotlight: Hydrant

One of our favorite things about our community is watching our member companies succeed and grow. Jed Butler started Hydrant in September of 2021 and joined with us a few months later in December. In that year, Hydrant has grown to a platform that serves clients across the country, and Jed has doubled the size of his team. We sat down with Jed to learn more about Hydrant and its success.


Can you describe the work that you do?

Our capable Project Managers support creative and technical leaders by running teams and leading projects.

Are there any exciting products/projects that Hydrant is working on now?

Yes, we’re piloting a smaller package that is only a few hours a week and helps leaders orient their daily activities towards their top priorities.

Hydrant has had an amazing year in its growth! Can you speak to that further and how you helped grow Hydrant?

We look to serve our clients the best way we can, rather than chasing dollars. That’s led to significant organic growth.

What drew you to The Shop?

I was driving Uber last year while finding my first clients and I picked up a rider at The Shop who had great things to say. I used to build and design luxury co-working spaces so I was intrigued in a local-first model, rather than national.

Are you new to Salt Lake City or have you lived here awhile? What has been your favorite place OR what place do you think is a best kept secret of Salt Lake City?

Coming up on 2 years, although I went to college in Utah County years ago. I’m a Snowbird/Alta pass holder, but the LCC secret has been out of the bag for years.


Looking to get into project management? Check out Jed’s article here on top 5 insider hacks for managing your project. To connect in person, you can find Jed in our 3rd floor kitchen enjoying a cup of coffee or a packet of bone broth, or taking a break on our rooftop.