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Dec 05, 2022

Top 6 Reasons Nonprofits Should Cowork

Coworking has been a mainstay for companies at all stages with rapid adoption in the course of the last decade. However, coworking has benefits for more than just the classic early stage tech startup. We’ve compiled the top six reasons why nonprofits should consider coworking.

1 – Community is in the DNA 

What do you get when professionals of all ages, industries and experiences come together to share one coffee maker? A community waiting to happen! The Shop SLC facilitates the creation of community with ease through shared resources and regularly hosted events. Nonprofits will quickly find their own values aligned with the goals and mission of a coworking space. 

2 – Bottom Line Friendly 

Coworking offers fixed monthly costs that help keep nonprofit budgets predictable. Additionally, some spaces like The Shop SLC, even offer additional discounts to verified 501(c)3 organizations to support their ongoing work. 

3 – Flexibility 

Growth can be overwhelming regardless of your current operating stage. Instead of having to start in a large office and cross your fingers that you’ll be able to fill it, coworking allows nonprofits to pay as they grow with flexible month to month terms in lieu of much longer commercial term requirements. Need to scale back at certain times of the year? No sweat – The Shop SLC only needs thirty days notice. 

4 – Network City 

At The Shop SLC, new nonprofits will find themselves plugged right in to an exciting network of local nonprofits big and small. Easily build connections and problem solve with people who have literally been there, done that. 

5 – Event Opportunities 

World class design with event space built right in makes The Shop an easy place for nonprofits to host events from lunch and learns to annual fundraisers. Plus, as a bonus, members get exclusive pricing on these spaces with additional nonprofit discounts to boot! 

6 – Amenity Rich 

Wow your employees, donors and partners with world class space built with your productivity in mind. A robust local beverage program, thoughtful tech systems in conference rooms and a hospitality focused team will work for you to boost retention and help you reach your goals time and time again. 

Interested in learning more about coworking with The Shop SLC? Contact our Community Team at or book your tour of our space today.