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Nov 30, 2022

Member Spotlight: Manifest Development

Anyone driving on I-15 these days can confirm that the secret of Salt Lake City is out. From the great outdoors to the growing technology hub, many residents are calling Salt Lake home. With increase in residents, comes a demand for housing and real estate development. We sat down with fellow members, Manifest Development, to learn about their current projects, and how the face of real estate has changed for them over the years.

Can you tell us a little more about the work that you do?

We develop residential real estate projects in and around Salt Lake City. We believe in good architecture and good urban planning. We think there is a niche for building projects in outstanding, walkable neighborhoods that perform better because they are beautiful to look at and people are excited about living in them.

Is there an exciting project that you’re working on right now?

One of our projects is a 13 unit, all-electric mixed use project in Sugarhouse called The Harvey. It is inspired by the traditional rowhomes you would see in Brooklyn or Boston, complete with stoops and english-style walkout basements.

What led Manifest Development to The Shop?

We tried working at home over the summer. I do better in an office, so it was nice to be back. We like being close to City Hall, given how many meetings we have there.

Has The Shop impacted the way that you work?

My lunch breaks on the roof deck have been fantastic.

How have you seen the face of development/real estate change in Salt Lake since Manifest Development started. 

We’re in a challenging macroeconomic environment currently with the rapid interest rate increases this year. It means that developers need to work even harder to make sure that their projects are properly leveraged and that they keep plenty of cash on hand. Unfortunately, it seems that with the reduction of new units being started in 2022, the housing affordability crisis that we’re facing in Utah isn’t going to get any better any time soon.

Are you new to Salt Lake City or have you lived here for a while? What has been your favorite place OR what place do you think is the best kept secret of Salt Lake City?

Tyler is from South Jordan, and I grew up in San Diego. We’re actually first cousins that decided to get into business with each other. For best kept secret, skip Red Iguana and go to Chunga’s on 9th West.


We are thrilled to have Manifest Development be a part of our community. You can catch them at any of our member events, or enjoying the sunshine on our rooftop.