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Jun 14, 2023

Office Dogs, Do You Need One?

Office dogs are the unsung heroes of workplace happiness! These lovable furry companions bring a whole new level of joy, laughter, and tail-wagging excitement to The Shop. Let’s dig our paws into why office dogs are so important for employees and why they make the workday a barking good time!

Firstly, office dogs are absolute masters at reducing stress. Just a glance at their adorable faces and wagging tails can instantly melt away deadlines-induced tension. Who needs meditation when you have a dog snuggled under your desk, offering paw-some relaxation therapy? They are living, breathing stress balls with fur!

Moreover, office dogs are the ultimate icebreakers. Gone are the days of awkward water cooler conversations. These furry friends break down barriers faster than you can say, “Who’s a good boy?” Coworkers come together to share stories, treats, and an overwhelming love for our four-legged colleagues. It’s a guaranteed way to unleash the team spirit!

Did someone say productivity boost? Yes, indeed! Office dogs are productivity powerhouses. Their playful antics and contagious enthusiasm remind us to approach work with the same zest. Plus, who can resist a midday play break? Nothing revs up creativity and problem-solving skills quite like a game of fetch or a spontaneous doggie cuddle session.

Speaking of cuddles, office dogs are furry therapists in disguise. They provide on-demand snuggles, comforting hugs, and unconditional love. Whenever you’re feeling down, a gentle nudge from a wet nose or a paw placed on your lap is all you need to brighten your day. They’ve mastered the art of boosting employee morale, one snuggle at a time!

Lastly, office dogs bring some much-needed perspective to the workplace. In the midst of endless meetings and urgent deadlines, they remind us to appreciate the simple joys of life. Their zest for play, their ability to live in the moment, and their unwavering loyalty teach us invaluable life lessons. After all, who wouldn’t want to learn from the masters of happiness themselves?

In conclusion, office dogs are the paw-fect coworkers. They provide stress relief, foster team spirit, boost productivity, offer cuddles and love, and remind us of the important things in life. So, let’s raise a doggy treat to these furry legends who make the office a wag-tastic place to be!

Be sure to join us June 23rd in SLC for dog headshots with Kelli Freshman! Details can be found here.